Focus Your Resume’s Message

I don’t think of my resume as a historical document that chronicles my career. My resume is a marketing device that describes my career from the point of view of the work that I want to have now and in the future.

My blog is also a marketing device that should present a point of view that will help me to get the work that I want. My blog’s marketing message should agree with my resume’s marketing message.

As a way of comparing my resume’s and my blog’s marketing message, I created a Wordle for my resume and a Wordle for my blog. To focus on the essential message I restricted each Wordle to 25 words.

My Resume’s Wordle

Resume Wordle

My Blog’s Wordle

Blog Wordle

My Take Away

Since I’ve compared the essential message of my resume to my blog, I’m thinking that my blog should present more posts about design and testing. I’m also thinking that my resume should relate my recent experience with Java and refactoring to application development and architecture.

I find it interesting that C++ showed up for my resume while Java showed up for my blog—perhaps it is time to update my resume.

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